Essay about School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned

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School uniforms have been a controversial topic since they have begun to be implemented in schools. Some people believe they have no significant benefits and that they are a waste of time, but there is evidence to show that they help more than they hurt. “…86% of schools surveyed in 2013 believed their use of uniforms made a significant, positive impact… (Principal Leadership). School uniforms are beneficial to schools because they increase safety, are cheaper, easier to enforce, and limit distractions.
One of the biggest problems schools face today is safety. “Approximately one in four students reports worrying about becoming a victim of crime or threats at school, and one in eight reports having been victimized at school” (King, Keith). One of the biggest problems is bullying, and schools that inforce a uniform dress code have less bullying than schools that have a free dressing policy since all of the students look the same. All of the students are put into the same situation with the clothes they have to wear, so students of low income families will not be bullied, and “Students who cannot be fashionable due to limited family finances are made to feel more comfortable among their peers (2000 NAESP Survey.)” (Eppinger). It also prevents bullying that can be caused by different styles of clothing that different ethnicities wear. “Another advantage is that by requiring students to wear uniforms, administrators are diminishing the students’ ability to display gang emblems…

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