Essay on School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned

1768 Words Dec 9th, 2015 8 Pages
Public schools in the United States have never fully adopted a school uniform like most private and religious schools have. Public schools do have a very descriptive dress code that they add to set the standards for how to properly dress for school. The schools normally involve rules that exclude inappropriate clothing for numerous reasons. Now, schools are starting to adopt the use of school uniforms. The reasoning is because the idea of school uniforms is theorized to benefit the learning environment. Many studies have been conducted to conclude whether school uniforms have any affect in school or not. High school is the time when kids want to try to compete to fit in with their peers. School uniforms would help not only the school but the kids as well. School uniforms cause an economical increase that leads to a better learning environment and individual student. First, ridding the school of gang colors is just one benefit principals attribute to uniforms(1). The regulation of dress can prevent the expression of gang violence between rival gangs at a school. At schools located in large cities, gang members can show the support of their gang through certain forms of clothing. With uniform guidelines put in place, students are not able to support this type of membership and will be easily spotted if they do. There is also the ease with which students can be identified on field trips(1). For example, it would be easier to identify a student who is either lost or has run…

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