School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned Essay examples

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School uniforms are supposed to help raise attendance and other aspects of school, however research has found that it can have the exact opposite effect. For years there have been debates on school uniforms. Some say that kids need the rigorous structure in their life. Others say that not giving the ability to make the decisions now will make them unable to make decisions later. This debate has been so widely fought over that it’s even been brought to the attention of the federal court in the “Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District,” in which the court ruled in favor of the school students because “high school students had a First Amendment right to wear black armbands to class in protest of the Vietnam War”(Lane 1). There have been so many disputes over uniforms it would be almost impossible to count them all. Public school uniforms can help a school’s attendance, academics, and violence rates. Part of the idea of uniforms is they are supposed to help social and academic activities. Uniforms can help certain school’s, however it has been found that they can have a negative effect of some school’s and the students there that are considered pro school. There are studies that show “uniforms have no effect on substance abuse… moreover it claims a negative effect of achievement for those students considered pro-school” (Timeline 2). This shows that uniforms do not have the effect that most people will lead you to believe. However there are other studies that…

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