School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned Essay

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School Uniforms
School uniforms are not a new concept because the idea has been around since the beginning of organized education. It has recently become more of a controversial topic since more schools are requiring the students to wear uniforms. School uniforms are beneficial to students by taking away unneeded distractions and putting more attention on academics, reducing peer pressure and bullying, and causing unity throughout the school.
When students wear uniforms to school it helps them focus more on academics. The uniforms cause the students to feel more grown up. Uniforms give them the sense of being dressed up to go some place nice thus changing their attitude to be better and more focused on school work (Huss 36-37). Academics are important in life, and school uniforms help boost the children 's attitudes to focus more on them. In a study orchestrated to receive teachers ' opinions about school uniforms at their school, the teachers believe the uniforms were better for the students. One teacher stated, "An increase sense of responsibility by students" while another teacher stated, "A more effective use of instructional time, and greater participation in classroom activities" (Huss 36). School uniforms can motivate students to focus more on their academics, and more school administration should take that into account when thinking about enforcing a uniform dress code policy in their schools.
Not only do school uniforms help students focus more on their…

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