School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned Essay

1147 Words Apr 20th, 2016 null Page
School Uniforms Research shows that some schools around the United States require their students to wear uniforms to school and they have many different reasons and requirements for the students wearing uniforms. While there are many pros and cons of students wearing uniforms, some people have many different opinions on school uniforms. A study proved that uniforms “improved in attendance, graduation, and suspension rates” so, after researching, one could agree that the uniforms can most likely help students more than hurt (Wilde). Wearing school uniforms can help to keep students focused, help form unity in the school, and decrease bullying. While there are many pros of school uniforms, some people would believe there are also a few cons of wearing them. Wearing uniforms can cause students to not be able to show their own sense of style through their clothes. Many kids like to wear flashy or fun clothing items such as bracelets, hats, different colored shirts, sayings or beliefs and all kinds of styles of clothing. When wearing uniforms they are not able to show who they are through their style. Another con is that finding certain clothing items for the uniforms could be tough to find. There are only certain places that sell the parts of uniforms that the schools require. Lastly, another con is that the students may really not like having to wear uniforms to school. “The vast majority -90 percent of students- reported that they disliked wearing uniforms” (Wilde). This can…

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