School Uniforms Should Be Enforced Essay

1310 Words Oct 1st, 2015 6 Pages
While most people agree that schools have too much authority, school uniforms are highly debated. Uniforms have been around for centuries. The Military has used uniforms for a very long time to show the different ranks and order of the people. Many people wonder why public schools have not enforced school uniforms and many people do not like the idea of school uniforms. School uniforms should be enforced because they would decrease violence, help with stress, and unify schools. School uniforms would decrease violence for many reasons. One main reason is bullying. Students get bullied day in and day out because of what they are wearing. The American Society for the Care of Children says that, “30% of students in grades 9-12 experience bullying” (SPCC 2). This quote shows the average percentage of students who get bullied. 30% is too high and needs to be cut down by half or less. When a person looks at someone, the person subconsciously judges the person by what they are wearing. If a person is wearing name brand jeans, like Nike shoes, and a nice shirt, then that person looks like they have parents who have money. If a person is wearing dirty ragged jeans and dirty shoes with a ripped shirt, then someone would think this person is in the lower class and their parents do not have a lot of money to afford new name brand clothes. Human nature is to judge someone by their appearance when first meeting them. School uniforms will stop this because everyone would be wearing the…

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