School Uniforms Should Be Enforced Essay

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School uniforms are popular in schools around the world, and are starting to gain popularity, in not only private schools but public schools as well, throughout the United States. While some parents and students may be against school uniforms due to students not being able to express themselves through their clothing, there are many positive outlooks as to why a school uniform policy should be enforced. The enforcement of school uniforms creates a level playing field amongst students, reducing peer pressure and bullying. School uniforms also help diminish the separation of social classes, promote unity, and help save parents money.
The first amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees that every individual has the right to express themselves freely. Many parents and students believe that school uniforms restrict students’ freedom of expression. Some students like to treat school like a fashion show instead of a place to learn. While students may not be able to wear the most expensive jeans or the top name brand shirts at school, this does not mean that his/ her Constitutional rights are being taken away. Instead of students not being able to express themselves, they are just learning new ways to be able to do so. There are many other ways that students can express themselves that include shoe choice, accessories, and hair style options. Students are also available to express themselves through their clothing after school, on the weekends, and also during…

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