School Uniforms Should Be Banned Essay

1094 Words Mar 14th, 2016 5 Pages
School uniforms are growing in popularity all around the United States; in Cleveland, Boston, and Chicago, more than 50 percent of schools have uniforms and in New Orleans 95 percent (Tarshis 22). Thousands of subjects have been debated over for decades from texting and driving, to animal testing, to school uniforms. Students try and resist the idea of uniforms in their schools; however, they do not see the benefits in the long run. Uniforms enforce student performance and achievement, as well as the school’s environment (Happel 93). School uniforms are great for education purposes by improving behavior and leveling the playing field for all students. School uniforms raise the quality of scholars’ behavior in the classroom when added to a school district’s education system. The number of disruptions in classrooms went down because when all kids are dressed alike, there are not any distractions that other students focus on (Boutelle 34). Students would not be wearing tight, low-cut shirts, ripped, torn, baggy jeans, or short, body-fitting dresses that disrupt the learning environment around them, resulting in better behavior in the classroom. An experiment was performed at an Ohio elementary school where they added school uniforms into the requirements, and the after effects have students sitting up straight and being quieter, which helps them be more focused on school work. In the first year of the school uniform policy, the suspensions went down from five to three (Huss…

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