School Uniforms Should Be Banned Essay

828 Words Dec 8th, 2016 4 Pages
In the past, school uniforms were most prevalent in private institutions. However, a rapidly increasing number of public schools have begun to adopt uniforms. School uniforms have been used by many schools to show a sign of unity and equality. School uniforms have progressed an extreme amount over the years. They started off very prevalent in the past due to catholic schools being very strict. As times changed, students were able to express themselves more through their clothing. For many years there has been debate about whether or not school uniforms are beneficial or not. Some argue that uniforms should be in all schools across America while others completely disagree. Although there are many against it, school uniforms are a very beneficial thing because they promote equality among students, protects students, and statistically improves academic performance. First and foremost, school uniforms are beneficial because they promote equality. Uniforms in a school setting means that everyone is wearing the same thing. There is no disparity between class when it comes to clothing. In a school setting without a uniform, students can wear their expensive, brand named clothes and exclude those who do not have the same tangible items. For the most part clothing reflects class; this being said, without unique clothing in school, students cannot be judged based on their social class. According to a study conducted by the Kaylen Tucker, member of the National Survey of School…

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