School Uniforms Should Be Banned Essay

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School Uniforms
Uniforms were once prescribed specifically for private schools over the years uniforms have been adopted by public schools. However, only nineteen percent of public schools in the U.S. have adopted these dress codes. Years of research have proved to the public that schools that have uniforms have shown positive affects among the environment. Uniforms improve a variety of different factors in the school environment, therefore all school should require uniform policies, because the student would be saving time, less money would be sent and bullying would be decreased.
First, time management is very important to high school students. People often waste time early in the morning before they get ready for school picking out clothes. This usually happens among the students that have a dress code, but don’t have a required uniform to wear. The way the time is managed in the morning typically goes one in two ways. Statistically speaking ninety percent of high school students are sleep deprived. It is recommended that high school students sleep eight and half to nine hours, yet there are students sacrificing their sleep time to wake up early, so they have enough time to get ready for school. The fact these students loose sleep time to get ready for school means that most often these same students fall under the category of the thirty-three percent of students falling asleep in class. The other way the mornings typically go is that students often wake up late and…

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