School Uniforms Should Be A Great Experience Or A Bad Experience?

1053 Words Jun 8th, 2016 null Page
Going to school for kids could be a great experience or a bad experience depending on the child and their situations. The first day of school is stressful in itself and one of the major stresses in the morning is what to wear. How am I going to look when I meet these new people, or reuniting with my old friends? Whereas schools who are required to wear uniform the students do not have this problem. They know exactly what they have to wear and can focus more on what classes will I have this year. Students should be required to wear uniforms so that they can focus more on learning than on fashion or on the hard decision of what to wear in the morning. School uniforms also cuts down on bullying and improve discipline, allow students to focus on their academics, and comes out cheaper for the parents throughout the year.
Bullying is a major issue in schools today and most times it stems from what the kids are wearing. It may be that one child is more fortunate to have nicer clothes than others and they are targets for it. Some students wear revealing clothes are also targeted due to another student not liking what they see. In an article I read a teacher has caused some issues because she has banned short skirts because they make hefty girls more vulnerable to bullying. “Ironically, for those girls who are not very slim, the tight clothing emphasizes their heftiness and is unflattering. Thus this makes them prone to bullying,” stated Dr. Tracy Jones (Harding). Ones who oppose of…

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