Essay on School Uniforms Pros And Cons

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School Uniforms pros and cons
Fashion trends and how you come across, as well as how you appear to other people starts becoming a major concern of kids typically around the time they start middle school. Usually if you don’t have the newest item, you’re not considered ‘cool’ amongst your peers. This idea could very much possibly lead to bullying. However, there is a method used, particularly in private schools, which can avoid or at least limit all of this unnecessary drama. Coming from someone who has attended a private Catholic school their whole life, I don’t see why every school doesn’t take advantage of having a uniform code. There are multiple benefits in having a school uniform policy in effect, including cost effectiveness for parents, less stress for students who do not have to worry about the most recent fashion trends and an overall effect of creating an atmosphere where everyone is equal.
Normally when someone thinks of the type of school that is associated with a school uniform regulation, a private school is the one which first comes to mind. However, more public schools are deciding to implement school uniform policies each year. Some cities are cracking down harder and more strictly than others on the strategy of having a uniform be worn, as oppose to whatever attire a student chooses to wear. For example, “95 percent of New Orleans’ public schools now require their students to wear a uniform”, as well as in Chicago “which has 80…

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