Should School Uniforms Be Required To Wear In School?

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Do you agree or disagree on wearing school uniforms? There are many people who think that school uniforms should not be required to wear in school. There are also quite a few people who agree with wearing school uniforms. Well I do. I agree that students should wear uniforms. For one it’s easier than trying to find regular clothes in the morning, it’s easier to keep up with the school dress code and it’s a way better look for all students to wear uniforms. So people might disagree on wearing uniforms simply because they thinks uniforms are ugly, but I’m here to tell you it’s not about that at all. Most likely more parents might agree on their children to wear uniforms than students themselves agreeing to that. For parents, it might help them …show more content…
Unfortunately thought, some parents think that school uniforms are way too expensive. “Some parents are spending a lot more than they need to on their children 's school uniforms due to exclusive deals between schools and suppliers”(The Huffington Post). Other parents thinks school uniforms save them more money and time. Now, I 'm seeing the issue from a different angle. The problem for parents comes down to the cost of uniforms, and in some cases, the effort of procuring them. I most likely agree on parents that thinks uniforms doesn’t cost too much money. The reason I agree is because you have places like Forever 21 or H&M that is expensive to buy a school year. When we have uniforms that last up until the end of the year, either around the same prices or cheaper. I know because when I started middle school, every student could wear plain school clothes. Until parent begin to go against that and speak up about wearing school uniforms. Of course, students didn’t agree well to it at first, the vote was that we students were required to wear uniforms so at that point we didn’t have any choice. Eventually, it became so much easier that school year, not only for the parents but for most of the students as …show more content…
Maybe some school can provide more school uniforms for students that can’t afford school clothing at all. More money can also go towards the school when parents save money on uniforms rather than regular school clothes. Some of the money going towards the school can help the students in need or for their parents that can’t afford buying school clothes. Some people think many families only can have money to send their kids to school, if they have uniforms than its more money than other clothes. “So if we have school uniforms that it will be a burden and they will be bulled because there cheap and expensive uniforms and bulling will go up”. Others think, “School uniforms pose no financial burden to those who are financially challenged. The beauty of school uniforms lies in the support from the school that requires them. “Oftentimes, the school will lend financial aid in purchasing uniforms. Finally, uniforms aren 't even a problem for poor people, cause screw poor people”(

To conclude my thought on why I agree students should wear school uniforms is because, it can help parents by saving their time and money buying regular clothes, it can help prevent from being bullied, and it also helps in the morning when you’re trying to find clothes to fit and look good. School uniform help me so much

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