School Uniforms Effect

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The Effect of School Uniforms
Everyone knows that there are many discussions about school uniforms. Do they affect students education or not? Danielle Spanner published by GlobalPost says, “Uniforms are being used as a way to level the socio-economic status of students, promote a school-wide culture and, most importantly minimize disciplinary problems associated with wearing casual clothes. . . Students from upper socio-economic statuses commonly receive more attention because of the latest style clothing that they can afford, while students that cannot afford these brands are often picked on and looked down upon” (1). Bullying and peer pressure are a result of not having school uniforms, because students focus on who is wearing the coolest
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It increases students attention and the focus on schoolwork, but it also supports teamwork and unity. Latham says that in the Long Beach Unified School District students attendance increased to up 95 percent (2). Chen claims that uniforms set a professional tone in school and make people to take their work and time in school more serious. Chen also insists that teachers said that students are more focused their school work and not on how everyone looks. There is a high pressure between students who is wearing the best and coolest clothes. (Chen 2,3) Latham acknowledges that students are in school to focus on their work and to study. With a school policy students won 't be distracted with who is dressed best. “[A school uniform policy] removes the distraction of fashion trends and fashion competitions from school hours, thereby reinforcing the educational purpose of the enterprise. It helps students to focus”. (Latham 2) In addition Spanner claims that students do not need to worry about having their clothes stolen from other people inside or outside of school (1). School uniforms are also important for team psychology, Latham says. Students are more likely to help each other when they are all the same clothes, like in a sports team. It also supports the school identity and class which accentuate the educational purpose (Latham 1). Viadero claims that with a uniform policy students are on a equal social base, no matter where …show more content…
The suspension rate dropped 28 percent in the elementary school and 36 percent in middle school. Eighth graders also fight 51 percent less. (Viadero 2,3) In addition Chen claims, according to the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), that bullying and violence decreased by 50 percent and sexual offense by 74,6 percent (2). Latham acknowledges that school crime has dropped 86 percent, robbery dropped 85 percent and selling or using chemical substances decreased 48 percent (2). In Viadero’s article Betty Mikesell-Bailey, the school-improvement resource teacher at Decatur, says that uniforms cut down bullying and teasing in school (4). Spanner says students who have an intuition for possession and belonging for the school society are less likely to break rules and get in trouble. She also acknowledges that students won’t steal from each other and gang colors and symbols decrease. (Spanner 1) Latham simply says that the uniform reminds students of their rules in school and therefore they behave better (1). Another really important point is that you can flag students outside of school when they try to ditch a class or to identify outsiders coming into the school building, Spanner confirms. Spanner also says that administrators and teachers are able to spot intruders

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