School Uniforms are a Terrible Idea Essay

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Refutation essay- “school uniforms are a terrible idea”
The essay school uniforms are a terrible idea states that. School uniforms fail to achieve the goals for which a school uniform was established suck as to save students money to, to prevent violence, and create a more organized school environment. The essay also states the uniforms restrict student’s freedom of expression. That school uniforms have led to more violence and that since no studies have yet proven that a uniform policy can solve more problems than they create. This is not necessarily true and uniform policies are not nearly as terrible as the essay would like us to believe. The essay states that the intent of school uniforms was to save students money but that instead
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The writer claims under the first amendment u.s citizens have the right to freedom of expression and uniform go against that she/he also states that anyone who has seen a movie about a private school knows it is impossible to individualize and concludes we should not have a uniform policy in America but it commits two fallacies; false premise and ipse dixit. False premise because she/he states that any movie about a private school makes it impossible to individualize uniforms but the movie “legally blondes” proves otherwise. Also it makes the assumption that movie makers know about uniforms when they do not. The writer states that schools in America today are faced with an important choice: either they can respect the constitution and allow students to dress in any way they choose or they can force all students to be the same and for schools in a country that treasures freedom that should be an easy choice to make and implies that we should not place a uniform policy but this is based off the assumption that there are only two options and commits the logical fallacy of false dichotomy. There are more choices such as a liberal school uniform with space to individualize. The writer claims that rather than reduce bullying and violence in school uniforms intensifies violence then uses her/his

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