Essay on School Uniforms : Are They Necessary?

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School Uniforms: Are they Necessary?
Some may cringe at the thought of school uniforms, meaning that they will be matching all of their peers, friends or enemies, at school. Some may enjoy the thought of school uniforms, meaning that they don’t have to worry about brand name, or off- brand name clothing defining them. School uniforms for boys normally consist of white or light colored shirt and tie, dark pants or khaki pants, and a jacket in the winter months, School uniforms for girls normally consist of a nice non-revealing blouse, a skirt, a tie, and a jacket in the winter months (School). More public schools in large cities require students to dress in school uniforms than those pubic schools in smaller cities (Fast).
"Between the 2003–04 and 2011–12 school years, the percentage of public schools reporting that they required that students wear uniforms increased from 13 to 19 percent. In 2011-12, the percentage of public secondary schools who reported requiring that students wear uniforms (12 percent) was lower than the percentages of elementary schools (20 percent) and combined schools (30 percent) with such a requirement. Higher percentages of public city schools than of public schools in suburban, town, and rural areas reported requiring students to wear uniforms."
So what is so great about school uniforms? Well, there are several positive feedbacks concerning school uniforms. First, school uniforms help to reinforce positive behavior. Uniforms give the students a…

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