Essay on School Uniforms And Strict Dress Code Policy

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Retail customers need to close up their wallets before going school clothes shopping this summer because they or their children could be wearing a school uniform surprisingly soon. According to a survey by Land’s End and the National Association of Elementary School Principals about school uniforms in 2013, half of the public schools in the United States, 49 percent to be exact, enforce or plan to enforce a school uniform policy. With so many schools on board for strict dress code policy, one would think that the pro points of utilizing such policy would heavily outweigh the cons, but the piles of research that have been done on this topic may negate this idea. There are many arguments for and against the enforcement of school uniforms. The debate seems to be fairly solidly divided with half of the country’s schools using strict dress code policy. Some of the most common ideas in favor of school uniforms are as follows:
“• Eliminate wardrobe battles with kids
• Easier to get kids ready in the morning
• Time saving in the morning
• Easier to shop for school clothes
• More cost-effective than regular apparel” (Lands’ End, 1) Debates about school uniforms have lasted for years, but people simply can’t come to a conclusion on whether school uniforms are more beneficial or detrimental to schools. The world has a large amount of people advocating both in favor of and against uniforms, spanning from vague references to violation of the first amendment to thorough research over a…

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