School Uniforms And Public Schools Essay

1347 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
Students forced to wear uniforms in high poverty, public schools are often victims of systematic group violence. “The oppression of violence consists not only in direct victimization, but in the daily knowledge shared by all members of oppressed groups that they are liable to violation, solely on account of their group identity. Just living under such a threat of attack on oneself or family or friends deprives the oppressed of freedom and dignity, and needlessly expends their energy” (Young, 1990, p.62). Students in high poverty schools are not oblivious to the fact that their affluent peers do not wear uniforms in the same capacity as they do. This sends a message that there is something wrong with their group identity since they are not afforded the freedom to dress themselves in the manner in which they see fit. Additionally, students are keenly aware of the consequences they will receive if they violate strict uniform policies. Uniform wearing students in high poverty areas are living with the understanding that they can be punished for attempting to, or even accidentally being an individual. Students are not permitted to have any interpretation of the mandated uniforms that their parents paid for. Students deserve the right to interpret and enhance their own property. “Being able to hold property (both land and movable goods), and having property rights on an equal basis with others; having the right to seek employment on an equal basis with others; having the…

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