School Uniforms And Its Impact On Education Essay

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The first time when school uniforms were adopted was not in America, but in England in 1222. Students at school were required to wear robe-like outfit called a ‘cappa clausa.’ Later, school uniforms became associated with public schools and preparatory schools. At this time, the uniforms that they wore were incredibly formal. They were required to wear a black top hat and tails as their uniform up until 1972. Today, many students are required to wear school uniforms all around the world. Not just public schools and preparatory schools, but now elementary and secondary schools are required to wear school uniforms. Another change is that instead of the formal blazer and tie in a thick fabric, T-shirts, polo shirts, or even sweat shirts in school colors have become standardized. However, does it have an impact on education? How does the students feel about the uniforms? School uniform is an arguable topic in our society. Although some sources say that school uniforms is something that should be valued for various reasons, others argue that they do not help any problems that are education related.
The biggest thing about school uniforms is that it can reduce school violence. This was what Bill Clinton, said about school uniforms back when he was the president of the United States. During his State of Union address, he announced that students should be required to wear uniforms if that means that “teenagers will stop hurting each other over designer jackets.” There would be…

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