Why Do We Need School Uniforms?

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It’s a regular Wednesday at school where you’re striding through the hallway trying to get to class and along the way, you witness students having aggressive combative fight and you think, “Oh how typical!” To elaborate, if you read or catch sight of the news, you’ve probably viewed a multiple amount of school to the point where you notice gruesome and disturbing incidents of students stabbing, shooting which, leads to severe life threatening injuries and even, death. Momentarily, I strongly suggest that our school board should validate of instituting a school uniform policy in order to cut down these problems seeing how it’s not healthy to view violence as a typical scene in school. Moreover, the idea of school uniforms may create a substantial …show more content…
Specifically, it will certainly reduce physical tension with certain type of dresses such as clothing with drug referenced or vulgar languages printed on them which may be offensive for students and staff members. It is true that not wearing uniforms allows students to make their own choices and be an individual but, on the other hand ,we should know that it drags along consequences from unwanted strangers which involves gang behaviour and their colour which is obviously bot intended for everyone. In fact, wearing uniforms promote equality between different classes of students which will make social groups more diverse and exciting where we will learn about different cultures and religions from many students of various amounts of ethnic backgrounds. There’s no doubt that schools will be a less discriminatory learning environment that can help improve the significance of school. In particular, if uniforms are not allowed then I believe it becomes easier for students to compare themselves with others and get discouraged or feel egotistic. Nevertheless, I know that a majority of students have their insecurities where it comes from the media, friends, and school which can shape their personality, behaviour, and decision making. Admittedly, these struggles can lead students to focus more on their image then their grades. Without a doubt, that’s why wearing school uniforms can improve a student’s personality where it will make us think more maturely. Likewise, school uniforms will unquestionably increase academic

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