School Uniform Dress Code Should Be Enforced Essay

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The way one dresses can say a lot about his or her personality. Fashion choices are a way for students to show how they feel. For example, an athlete may have more of a relaxed look versus the student body president who dresses for success. However, in some cases this expression can lead to problems such as bullying. Not only bullying, but the cost of a child keeping up with the current fashion can end up putting a dent in a parent’s wallet. Yes, freedom of expression is a right that should be upheld, but in schools a uniform dress code should be enforced due to the cost efficiency for the student’s families as well as the sense of community that having a uniform brings to a school. Many students who must follow their schools uniform dress code say that it is a direct violation of their freedom of expression. In an article for Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada), Marjo Johne quotes Joanne Hewat, “vice-president of business development and customer care at McCarthy Beatties, a Toronto based uniform supplier for hundreds of schools across Canada, including about 200 private schools”, in saying, “‘The No. 1 objection we hear is that uniforms take away opportunities for students to express their individuality’” (Johne). Freedom of expression is a constitutional right, and those who believe there should be no uniform dress code say that that right is being stripped from students whose schools require them to wear uniforms. Like most every other rule that applies to something,…

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