School There 's A Problem On How Student Should Dress Essay

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In many school there 's a problem on how student should dress. Many girls come to school with clothes on that looks like they should have been left at home. When girls wear to little clothes, they seems to want some attention from there male peers. It gives boys a reason to talk bad about them and call them out there name. Some girls may think that its okay , and they will get away with it just because they see another girl with shorts on but didn’t get in trouble or sent to the office. Girls should cover up to avoid distracting their male peers or sometimes making the teachers seems uncomfortable. At many schools the dress code-uniforms require girls to wear knee length shorts or skirts , no bra straps and no tank tops. Many boys come to school with their pants sagging and hanging low, with a colored flag in their back pocket that mite say ,their in a gang. Boys do things to fit in with a group of boys that does the same thing they do. Students should wear uniforms everyday out of the week to prevent from getting in trouble.Teachers may think the boys are in a gang because of the color 's they are wearing to school. School uniforms are uniforms that’s worn by students primarily for a school. An example of a uniform would require white button down and ties for boys and pleated skirts for girls, with blazers. A uniform can even be as simple as requiring colored shirts , or color choices for the students to choose from. School uniforms are a little old fashion to…

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