School Stresses Students Out At School Essay

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School Stresses Students Out “More than a quarter of all students (27%) say they experience extreme stress during the school year, vs. 13% in the summer, and 34% expect their stress to increase in the coming year” (Jayson). In the United States, most schools are in session for approximately seven hours a day and around one-hundred and eighty days a year. This includes many schools in the United States. (Average). “Teens ' average stress level was 5.8 out of 10 during the school year” (Jayson). This proves that school does have a negative effect on students. School is pressuring students too much and causing unnecessary stress and anxiety.
Many students stay up late doing homework and all of the after school activities they need to do in order to keep themselves organized. Staying up late at night then waking up early may lead to sleep deprivation which can cause energy levels to decline, worsened moods, decreased daytime alertness, and the inability to think and concentrate; therefore, giving students the inability to learn. However, even if a student does not stay up late a child needs at least eight hours of sleep and it can be hard to get all eight hours if you are a student with a busy life, or are having stress and anxiety problems. Not getting the needed amount of sleep then waking up for school early may lead to many problems, causing them to perform poorly in school, leaving them with stress because they are falling behind and not doing as well as they wish to. A…

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