School Standards Should Be Higher Essay

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As a high school student myself, I 've constantly heard the claim from many of my peers that they don 't learn anything in school. Usually, though, they come from those who are failing and desperately need an excuse to make up for their own mistakes. I 've seen examples of legitimacy, though, like my freshman year Algebra teacher who preferred to pick on students who couldn 't see the board rather than find a resolution. Because of this, I can come to an understanding with the fact that some may believe that school standards should be higher. I mean, why send a developing human being to an institution for at least eighteen years of their lives and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to keep them their only to end up with half-assed results?

There 's a film we watched in Mr. Tomaka 's class some time ago called, "The Freedom Writers". It 's about a teacher named Erin Gruwell, who works at a school plagued with gang activity, racial discrimination, and violence. Because of which, the school faculty decided to give up on their students and let them fall down the wrong paths intentionally. So Gruwell is challenged with gaining her students ' trust on personal and academic levels with little to no support from her professional peers and district higher-ups. The story follows the theme that everyone deserves a chance, no matter who you are or where you come from. This is something that should be applied to life and expected from the average school. If the director of crap…

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