School Sports Is Unfair Or Hindering High School Education Essay

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Writers, teachers, and researchers have been debating whether participating in high school sports is benefiting or hindering high school education. Amanda Ripley cites foreign countries performing better than the United States in international standardized testing as an example supporting their idea for the problem high school sports poses, since many high schools in foreign countries do not sponsor scholastic sports. European students usually play for club teams outside of school. Ripley also mentions the poor academic and economic states of struggling school districts in the United States who supports sports. However, domestic researchers have found out that high school athletes in the U.S. have higher GPAs, standardized testing scores, and graduation rates than U.S. non-athletes. Students in foreign countries performing better than United States students on standardized testing is an argument that opponents of American high school sports raise. On an annual basis, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) places the international test PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) for its member countries to participate in. The international test assesses random high school students across the world in 65 countries, comparing the results to see which countries are highly achieving in the academic sphere. The sections on the test include mathematics, science, and reading. In 2012, the highest mean score was earned by students in Shanghai,…

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