School Social Work: Role Of The Social Worker

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date. After finding the percentage, the students graphed their percentage on a chart. This provided the students with a visual tool of the progress they were making, or conversely, the need for improvement.

The role of the social worker when working with the children in the attendance group is ensuring that the children are having their basic needs met. Many families within Point Pleasant Borough are homeless. As a result, these families are residing in low-income motels. This violates the child’s right to an adequate standard of living. Despite the fact these families have a roof over their head; these motels are not a safe environment for children. Many of these motels house those suffering from substance abuse. This leaves the children at risk for exposure to substances and the possibility of substance use. Aside from living conditions, these families have limited income and access to adequate food. The social worker should inquire whether the family has access to nutritious foods.
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During each group session, the child was tracking their attendance progress. The school social work intern monitored their attendance rate from their first group session until the last group session. If the student’s attendance improved over the course of the eight-week program, then the school social work intern knew the program was successful. If students were repeatedly absent and unable to participate in the program, the outcome would be skewed. If there were a skewed outcome, the school social work intern would need to re-evaluate the program.
The program began in January 2015, which is the start of the third marking period. The reason for beginning in January 2015 is that the school social work intern monitored the students’ attendance for the first two marking periods to determine if the attendance rate was increasing, decreasing or remaining the

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