School Riots : A Single Problem With Internal Conflicts Essay

1096 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
Allentown School District or ASD has always struggled with internal conflicts, however, this year has been significantly worse. In this year alone, ASD has experienced in school riots, threats of teacher strikes, student walk outs, and to make matters worse, threats of freezing educator salaries. About two weeks ago, Trexler Middle School experienced a student riot where the eighth grade class assaulted teachers and other students. The police had to be involved and from this event alone, we can clearly see a reform is in order. However, this isn’t a single problem with a simple solution. Multiple areas of the school require work, especially the main office which houses the offices of secretaries, guidance counselors, the nurse, and an assistant principal. This area also includes a waiting area for students, mainly those dealing with mental instability and others being disciplined. The students are forced into the same space which allows for further distress on student having mental breakdowns and faculty members within the main office. To make the situation worse, students will continue to flow into this office and creating further disruptions. This system as a whole is flawed and needs to be altered. My solution is to take the offices currently being used by the assistant principals and Gear-Up counselors and switch them with the offices of the guidance counselors. This solution is not only simple, but also feasible. By focusing on the problems with the main office, Trexler…

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