School Reform System

Reform System, a Failed System

“School Reform Fails the Test” is an article written by Mike Rose to discuss the issues with the education system, but also the issues in the reform system for education. He is against how the education system is currently, but also against how the government has been trying to reform the system simultaneously. He states that teachers do not care about students enough, and many get left behind, but with many reform programs, students are still getting left behind. Rose states that creativity being left out, teachers being told how to teach, and financial situations are what are leading to the failure of the education reform. Due to the government reforming the education system, much of the creativity many students
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That is only partially true, more now with the new reform system. Teachers are given set of instructions on how to teach, and who to each (Rose). Many teachers despise the ‘No Child Left Behind” act because it still enables what it wrong with the education system; focusing only on a fraction of students, and leaving other students behind (Rose). They also dislike the amount of state testing is included in the reform system. Rose states that the reform, “concentrates on standardized tests, students might improve their scores but receive an inadequate education”. Teachers are so busy focusing on helping some kids with help, but kids who are fast learners, just are sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Even those who are not, are forced to memorize facts and certain aspects of education, just to forget it after they take the state tests (Rose). If teachers only on children doing well on state tests, the children are not getting the proper education they need (Rose). Along with teachers not being able to each how they believe will help students succeed the best, the reform system fails to acknowledge the financial status of many …show more content…
Many parents struggle to even send their children to school, with the many costs of school supplies. With the new reform system, parents have to spend more money they don’t always have; whether it is on state tests, or more supplies or activities reform systems “supply” to schools, many parents cannot afford that. In high school, there is the ACT and SAT. And up to that, there are the state tests elementary children must take, just to see how “intelligent” they are (Rose). Many teachers and communities try to help those less fortunate families, but that is still not enough. In summary, due to lack of creativity, teachers being forced to each only certain way, and lack of financial support in many students’ families, the reform system is a failure in the education (Rose). The government is spending too much time and money on a failed system, possibly leaving the education even worse than it was before the reform system

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