School Psychology And The Education System Essay

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School Psychology is a specialty that works with children, families, communities, and the education system. Within their realm are many fields of psychology that includes educational, developmental, clinical and behavioral psychology. As the American Psychological Association states “School psychologists are prepared to intervene at the individual and system level, and develop, implement, and evaluate preventive programs. In these efforts, they conduct ecologically valid assessments and intervene to promote positive learning environments within which children and youth from diverse backgrounds to ensure that all have equal access to effective educational and psychological services that promote healthy development.” (American Psychological Association, 2015)
The most significant factor for the creation of school psychology was the enactment of compulsory schooling laws which began between 1890 and 1930. Attendance became mandatory in the wake of the social reforms that began changing the landscape of the United States. The education system would see unprecedented growth over the next forty years from 203,000 enrolled to over 4,000,000. This was mainly due to the swell in immigration at this point of our history. With mandatory attendance came children of immigrants who spoke little to no English. Coming out of child labor of the industrial age, many were in poor health and had poor hygiene, and with little prior education, it was impossible to assign a grade level by…

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