Essay on School Program Of Hip Hop

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At 13 years old I was a mediocre student that was mostly failing all my classes, hanging out with junkies, and destroying my friendship with my parents. These short lived friends of mine would persuade me to ditch classes and extracurricular activities to hang out with them. At first I foolishly believed that ditching my after school program of Hip Hop would be harmless until it became a routine for me to lie to my parents about where I was and who I was with. As a child my relationship with my parents was based on honesty, trust and love. All the childhood memories I shared with my family were all gone and the honesty and trust I once shared with them no longer existed. My reckless and thoughtless behavior had started when I had met Kobe who did not follow the rules. My parents were unaware that I had been dating Kobe for a few months already however, they did notice that my behavior towards them changed drastically I was disrespectful, distrustful, and bad tempered. Kobe would always try to persuade me to ditch a day of school to spend the day with him. While I was with Kobe he brought out the darkest parts within me that I never knew I was capable of. I eventually gave in to the act of ditching and running away with Kobe and decided not to attend school. My mother had discovered that I secretly had a boyfriend behind her back. She was furious that I had not confined in her to tell her that I had already begun dating. Then the next day my mother made this discovery Kobe…

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