School Procedures And Practicing Self Control Essay

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Another week has zoomed by! The kindergartners are settling in and are busy learning school procedures and practicing self-control. We are practicing recognizing letters, sounds, and numbers. We are working on letters/sounds for Bb, (butterfly) Cc, (caterpillar) Mm, (monarch) and Ss. (smile) We are learning to recognize our classmates ' names and recognizing color words! We have 1 growing caterpillar. Ten of our caterpillars have entered the third stage of metamorphosis! We were excited Wednesday morning when we noticed a chrysalis had formed overnight! When we came in Thursday morning, nine more had formed! Your children have been captivated with our Monarch butterfly unit and learning about metamorphosis! Their interest and enthusiasm is inspiring! Your kindergartners are learning a great deal from this experience! They are wonderful, little lepidopterists! (Ask your kindergartner! They know what that word means!)

We are learning to sort and graph using a variety of objects. We have sorted and graphed shapes and fruit loops, and next week we will be graphing M&M’s! We are ready to learn our second math game! We are learning the Pledge of Allegiance and why it’s important. In Art class, the students are reviewing art room procedures, and they created their own art piece after listening to the story, Harold and the Purple Crayon. In Music class, the students are learning our school song, singing songs about friends, and listening for “beats” in music. In Gym, they are…

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