Essay about School Oral Health Promotion Program

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such as fluoride administration. After the data are collected, the information should be analyzed before the plan of action are created (Mann 2005, p. 355).

Determine Prioritize
This is a method in which people’s values are imposed onto the raw data, for setting priorities of existing problems obtained from need assessment. The solutions of the problem also can be ranked by using this method (Mann 2005, p. 340). School oral health promotion program are essential in promoting healthy lifestyles of children. Globally, nearly 90% of children attend primary school. That large number of children can be reached through primary schools Jürgensen & Petersen 2012). Hence this program is prioritized for primary school age children, based on premise that children learn many risk behavior during those years and school has significant influence on children’s development and well-being (Kwan et al 2005).

Program goals
The program goals are required to identify the needs and more specific than the mission statement (Mason 2005, p. 90). The goal of oral health promotion for elementary school children should include the following items including to provide physical, organizational and psychosocial school environment that is favorable for oral health of students, teachers and school staff, as well as families and the community; to diminish the risk factors and ameliorate knowledge and attitudes related oral health; to develop appropriate skills and behaviors for oral health (Kwan &…

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