School Mission And Core Values And Goals For Student Leadership

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When determining if a school has the same values and beliefs as myself, I look at the school vision and mission. My number one goal is to support student learning. If the school’s vision and mission supports student learning that is a step in the right direction. Student achievement is very important to me as an educator. I know and understand that I help to work at a school that supports students in every way. I want to make sure the school I’ll be working for knows what is important when educating. The school’s vision and mission must have student’s best interest at heart. I feel passionate about my core values and beliefs, when I respect and learn about the core values and beliefs of a potential school; I must have that same feelings. …show more content…
School leaders must identify school community relationships as top priority. As a school leader, Communicating with the community is vital to ensuring a positive and healthy relationship. I believe the most important elements in effective communication with the community are inviting the community into the school for school functions and face-to face communication. Making community members feel like they are a part of the school is essential. Community members should be invited to any and all school functions. This should be a way to create communication opportunities with the community. Having community members a part of the learning process is a great way to increase school-community relationship face –to-face communication is another way to effectively communicate with the community. When school leaders shoe the community that they value and appreciate their opinion, it makes a huge difference in the relationship. Community members are vital to the learning process; they must feel that their opinion and concerns matter. Having a session where the school leader just listens will take relationship to new heights. In order for school leaders to build effective communication relationships, they must invite the community members into the school building in a regular basis and make them a part of the school community. Communication is purposeful and …show more content…
There are two types of publics, internal and external. Internal publics are people who are apart of the group that work in the school or school district. External publics are people who are not a part of a group, but have interest education. Communication is very important, especially with internal publics. The three most important factors when communicating with internal publics are developing a positive relations with students, showing appreciation to all members, interact with students, and communicate positive information. Three important factors when communicating with external publics is to maintain parental communication, establish key communicators, and building a great trusting communication relationship with the community. I would incorporate theses factors into a communication plan by integrating all internal and external publics into the school in some way. I plan to communicate with parents in many different ways. Effective communicating with parents is essential to improving student achievement. Parent communication I vital and needed, I will encourage parents to engage in school activities, communicate with them through newsletters and e-mail. Parent communication will be an on-going

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