School Lunches : The Oldest And Largest Child Assistance And Food Nutrition Program

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According to Stillman, the program on National School Lunch, created in 1946, is the oldest and largest child assistance and food nutrition program. It was created with the aims of being a national security measurement for safeguarding the well-being and health of the nation’s children while encouraging the consumption of nutritious agricultural goods is also importance as it sets the standards for the foods offered to the school children. Students should learn this since it’s a major program that takes effect in over 93,000 as well to have an understanding of the changes that have taken course in this program. For instance, to understand why the program which majored in prevented food deficiencies majors today in reducing the fat content in school lunches. This case is significant as it highlights the various changes that have occurred in the children’s diets including the rising cases of obesity which has resulted in the focus changing from just ensuring sufficiency of food in the school lunches to ensuring the offering of low fat diets in school lunches.
The case study’s chronological of events is as follows;
• In 1946, the program on National School Lunch was formed in through the Act of National School Lunch.
• In 1983, another crucial organization, the Public Voice for Food and Health Policy, was established by Ellen Hass with the aims of fighting to reduce the commodities with high fat content including cheese and processed foods in school lunches.

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