School Lunches At Schools Can Be Healthy And Unhealthy Essay

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School Lunches

School lunches at schools can be healthy and unhealthy. is the food that students are eating healthy.not all food is healthy in schools there different meals theres breakfast and lunch. the most important meal of the day is the breakfast that students are getting fed healthy for them. I say that some of that food is not healthy because if it was good not much people would complain about school food. Im not saying that that all breakfast should be the best like pancakes for school but it could be better. students eat breakfast at their house whether its healthy or not it is us students choice what to eat out of school in the morning. When its lunch time food is unhealthy some of the lunch we eat is good which is the fruits but the food is not good we get frozen pizza that is is not good. freshman year we had a sandwhich line where they had different kind of sandwiches and were good and healthy. We also had pizza but the pizza had a good taste to it. Now we don 't have sandwiches and we hamburgers that at times are undercooked and are not good.

It is the governments and school food programs to bring a good meal for breakfast. after breakfast comes lunch there a difference between the food that we students eat for breakfast than what we eat for lunch. there is a lot of frozen food that goes on with school for example we eat pizza with alot of grease and theres not a good taste to the pizza. is that pizza healthy for us…

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