School Life Has Changed Me Essay

1071 Words May 19th, 2016 5 Pages
School life has changed me in many ways. Whether it be the expectations of school or what actions happen in school everyday. A lot of us teenagers tend to get very distracted, and we always want to be accepted. Sometimes we try to hard to be liked and that can lead to bad pathways. The bad habits that take place in school have changed me and also the good things. School has changed my personality and my thinking about education.
When I entered middle school I was terrified, it would be my first time there. When we were released for break the halls and the outside were swarming with people. It took me nearly the whole time to try and find someone that I recognized. I finally did find a couple of girls that I knew but I never thought it would take that long to find someone I could hang out with. I thought I would be around tons of friends and be comfortable, but I wasn 't. Middle school was a whole nother world for me, I felt like you had to have lots of friends to be “cool” or to be liked by a lot of people. I started leaving my friends and tried hanging out with “cool people” as if hanging out with them would make me just like them or just as popular. I remember every time I would walk back to my other friends, they would ask me “Where were you?” and I would lie to them and say “I stayed after class to ask the teacher something.” I would always try to hang out with the popular group and I would always end up leaving because I knew it wasn 't working, but I was stubborn…

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