School Leadership That Works By Marzano, Waters, And Mcnulty Focus Leadership Behavior

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In the book, “School Leadership that Works” by Marzano, Waters, and McNulty focus leadership behaviors that will improve student achievement. Based on their research, there are 21 behaviors that leaders need to pay close attention to. If improving student achievement is area of focus at a school, then the school leader needs to figure out which of the 21 behaviors are being implemented at the school and the behaviors that are not being addressed. Once the leader has being able to determine the behaviors that need to be focused on, then the school as a whole can work together to make sure that these behaviors are acted on and then the student achievement will improve. In a perfect world, a school leader is able to state his or her school has all 21 behaviors mastered. Unfortunately, this not the case in most schools. There are many school leaders that struggling with some, if not all of the 21 behaviors. Here are some of the areas in which my school leader has been successful and area that need to be focused on more.
Currently, there are five behaviors that my school leader has done a well at developing. The first behavior that is noticeable is my principal 's ability to communicate with teachers and students. He has an open door policy and is there to support his staff in any ways that is necessary. An example of my principal’s behavior as a strong leader is when staff members are having troubles with one another they can go and talk to him. Then he is able to sit down with…

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