School Kill Creativity By Ken Robinson Essay

1001 Words Oct 20th, 2015 null Page
According to the dictionary, creativity is the ability to create productively involving originality and imagination. From a young age, creativity is present in daily life, but as children grow up, it starts to disappear. According to Ken Robinson, this loss of creativity is as a result of how the school system was created and on what this system was focused on, also because universities system in which competition is crucial. In his speech, “School Kill Creativity” filmed on Ted Talks in 2006, Robinson analyze creativity and education based on the school system and how it affects children’s evolving. Robinson effectively persuades his audience, by giving a humorous tone throughout his speech, he uses a variety of strategies which support his claim that education is responsible for creativity loss in society. This supported by his main points: first that school supposed to embrace the potential children have instead it is oppressing it, secondly, that the school system focus on certain courses which don’t support all skills students have, and lastly that creativity have different necessities, for every person.
Robinson introduces his speech with a simple anecdote about a little girl who never pay attention during art class, except for this particular day. The teacher was flatter about the attention the girl was paying, that she decided to ask her about what she was drawing, to which the girl replied, “I’m drawing a picture of God.” The teacher was surprised about the girl’s…

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