Essay on School Is Not A Universal Education

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Although school is considered to be a universal education to children through a certain system, different countries take on their own way of education their young ones. These differences are due to many different reasons such as culture, government, and location but even when they are similar, the school system differs. For example, Mexico and the United States share a border and both have a republic government, but their way of educating contrasts one another. The most prominent cause of the differences in the school system in these two countries is the amount of money available. Mexico lacks the funds that Americans take for granted daily, and Mexico is a poor country that does not have the money to spend on schools like the United States can. In fact, the author writes, “The United States was… cited as having the poorest outcomes per dollar spent on education” (Norris np). When I interviewed my mom asking her to compare Mexico to the United States because she had attended school and college in Mexico and then transferred over to be a teacher here, she said, “If Mexico had as much money and resources as the U.S., they would surely surpass many countries” (Melendez np). I remember attending school in Mexico when I was in kindergarten and seeing the dilapidated buildings, buses with no cushion, just metal framing, and books that were so old that a majority of them were incapable of being read due to fading. Even with this disadvantage, many students manage to triumph in…

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