Essay about School Is My Number One Priority Behind My Family

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I am Chelsea Jeffers, I came from Ashtabula, OH and lived there my entire life, I took classes and Kent State in Ashtabula in high school before coming here. School is my number one priority behind my family. I know what I want and where I am going with my life so school comes first. I am in this class because I was required to take it but also because I want to learn more about myself being in classroom and how I view myself in a classroom. I knew from an early age that being an early childhood educator is what I wanted to do for many reasons. Growing up I came from an extremely large family, I am the youngest of sixty cousins and I was practically raised with their children so I was around kids my entire life. My mom babysat so most of the kids were younger than me and I got to play the role of teacher and caretaker, it was one of the biggest parts of my childhood and I remember it more than anything. I also was extremely involved in school, in sixth grade (which seems like a long time ago now) my entire class was partnered with a kindergarten class so I had three children that were assigned to me, we would read and help the kids and at the end of the day take them to wherever they needed to be. Being able to be around them showed me that age group and I was extremely intrigued by the way that they thought and what they did, at the time I never realized how complex they really are and it was interesting to get the chance to see that. When I think of how I decided that…

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