School Is A Waste Of Time

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The typical human in this century spends sixteen to eighteen years in school. That is if one wants a decent career. To most people this is a waste of time that could have been used getting their life started. The United States school system seems to drag out school way longer than is needed. Finding out why this school system is like this seems impossible, but there is a desperate need for change. Not only is the long schooling system a waste of time but it is also a waste of money. Half of a person’s life is spent going to school just to get a good enough degree to get a job. If the school system was thought through more the plan should have had children starting harder material earlier in life when they learn the best. Also, starting to …show more content…
Between the electives a person must take to graduate to the science classes that students learn the same thing in every year, not sure what is considered more pointless. Not only are the some of the classes pointless but students are forced to go the same speed the other students in their class go. Most of the time the school system made it to so that no child got left behind caused students that move fast to sit in that class for no reason. The main problem here was not that the other students were not smart enough it was that they do not care, which was unfair to the others around them. Year after year people are required to learn material that has nothing to do with what they want to do with their career. The time wasted taking those classes could be spent learning more about the important knowledge needed for a person’s career choise. Also, while taking all these pointless classes where are the much needed classes on real world adulthood. Almost no young adult has a clue what they are in for when they get off on their own. On the other hand people think the exact opposite of the current schooling system being a huge waste of time and

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