School Is A Very Important Phase Of Everyone Goes Through Is High School?

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School is a very important phase in everyone’s life. Some people will spend 15 or more years going through different levels in school to get the qualifications necessary to work in certain fields. One of the most important levels that everyone goes through, is high school. High school in America is very different from High school in Colombia. The most defined differences between high school in Colombia and in America are the dress code, the grade system and the ability to choose classes.

Recently, school officials have started to pay attention to the way students dress in high schools in America. Students here can wear almost anything, they can have the hair in the way they want, and they can have both piercings and tattoos. Students can also dye their hair in whatever color they like. I remember, last Halloween, I saw some dude wearing a full ‘Power Rangers’ costume and none of our teachers said anything about it; in fact, most of them were intrigued by it. On the other hand, in Colombia, students have a very strict dress code. I used to have a very plain uniform. The uniform for guys consisted of dress pants, a sweater and a shirt with a tie. The uniform for girls was long socks, a skirt, and a sweater with a shirt and tie. The uniform had to be properly worn too; for example, a girl’s skirt should not be higher than her knee for any circumstance and a guy’s shirt should always be tucked in. I remember one day some girl got sent home because her skirt was “too high”.…

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