Essay on School Is A Place For Learning

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School is a place for learning where every student should be given equal opportunity to accomplish their academic goals and succeed later in life. Without external pressures and test scores there would be more funding for schools, students would enjoy learning more, and spend more time on learning at student 's pace and their individual needs. Students feel that, they should succeed on standardized tests to succeed in the future at school, but this is a major misconception. Recently numerous colleges are focusing less on SAT and ACT scores and more on teacher recommendation. Across the world, students come and go to and from school, memorizing information, and later using it on tests. However, the American schools consistently find themselves caught in the middle of the spectrum in worldwide studies that line countries up from the most proficient in terms of schooling to the least. So why does the U.S. consistently find themselves average compared to other countries, and what could the teachers and school systems improve to help every student learn at their best?
Melissa Kelly, secondary education expert, writes, “When you vary teaching methods, you provide students with a greater opportunity to learn.” In the United States, students in the public education system are expected to take about 112 standardized tests from their kindergarten year to the twelfth grade. In fact, children under kindergarten take an average of 4.1 mandated tests, before they can even read. The…

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