School Induced Stress Essay

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Hazards of School-induced Stress Depressed. Anxious. Fearful. Needy. These are all symptoms of students trapped in the vicious cycle, unable to escape school-induced stress. The responsibilities of completing schoolwork constantly consume students of all ages. School is stealing the rank as the number one priority for many teens. This may be seemingly positive, but it has negative effects overall. The stress of homework and the pressure to achieve outstanding grades is causing the good health and well-being of teens to deplete, which research and statistics regarding harmful health effects, common stressors, and negative learning and social effects have proven. While those commonly known for enduring frequent stress are adults, research finds …show more content…
By choosing at least one easier class to take, the drop of workload can lower a child’s stress rate greatly (Neighmond). Another stress reliever is exercise; it is said to be the best cure. Exercise stimulates hippocampus growth, a part of the brain link to learning and memory, and neuron development. This effectively reduces stress-induced hippocampal impairment and helps build stress resilience. A child’s brain damage caused by stress is also treatable and possibly reversible, according to neuroendocrinologist Bruce McEwen (Pellisser). A recent study provided results with a simple, yet effective catalyst of change in pupils and their stress levels. Their environment around them plays a significant part in their experience of stress. A supportive setting surrounding a student with hands-on activities can help reduce his/her intake of stress. Encouraging relationships between a student and their teachers and a student with other fellow students can also help to improve their well-being (Albrektsen, Natvig).
Stress is the silent killer that picks victims of all ages. School-related stress can make a student feel trapped, causing physical, emotional, and social damage. It is a bigger problem than what most people imagine. Fortunately, there are ways to cope and recover from the damaging cycle. It is important to realize that a person’s motivation, the pressure to achieve the greatest they can, may be the very thing keeping them from accomplishing it in the

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