School Handbook And Current School Policies Essay

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Declaration of Independence
We 're free from Walnut Grove High School!

After attending school at Walnut Grove we are finally declaring our independence as students. As future voters and future workers it is our right to say what goes on in our school. We are abolishing the current school handbook and current school policies. As students and as individuals we have the right to voice our opinions and abide by the rules we choose.
We hold these rules to be for the best of each student and to the help school become more enjoyable. We are all tired of the old rules. Each rule has held us back from reaching our full potential at Walnut Grove. Now, we are taking a stand!

Current Tardy Policy: If you 're late to school and have to check in, that 's considered a tardy. If you walk into class even a second after the tardy bell, that 's considered a tardy. After 3 tardies you receive detention for each additional tardy. New Tardy Policy: If you are late to school and have to check in, that will not count as a tardy. Class changes will be extended therefor each student has time to get to every class. If you are late with the extension then you will be counted tardy.

Current iPad Policy: iPads are issued to every student for "school work". You have to pay a fee when you are issued you iPad. iPads have several restrictions (even on educational websites). iPads receive updates when needed. If your iPad gets damaged then you are required to pay a fee to fix it.
New iPad…

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