Personal Narrative: My Experience With Mrs. Marion Kennel

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On Tuesday, November 3rd I visited Mrs. Marion Kennel at Fieldcrest elementary school. I choose Mrs. Kennel because I have known her multiple years from coaching at my school , and she was always working hard during any down time we had on her work as a teacher. She teaches first grade. I admire her work ethic and ability to manage her time. I think it is impressive for anyone to be able to manage coaching , teaching and a large family without devoting too much time to one area. I remember through my four years of high school she was always taking a class. My experience with Mrs. Kennel as a coach was always caring but able to direct a group towards achieving a goal. Her ability to have fun ,but maintain a serious work environment pushed …show more content…
An elementary teacher may be the first contact with a person outside of a child’s family. Adjusting from spending time with a parent all week to a new strange place can be unsettling even for the most outgoing children. It is important for a teacher to be able to make all the children feel comfortable. Especially in the first years of schooling , a teacher serves almost as a babysitter for a class. As kids get older the role of teacher becomes less parent-like. Secondary teachers often specialize in a certain subject or subjects , and begin attempting to brace students for the real world with The job outlook is average at 13%, for there are a large number of teachers getting ready to retire (Career Cluster Overview: Education and Training 2). These older retirees are leaving open many jobs , but some schools are choosing not to fill them for financial reasons. Other jobs in the field of teaching include teaching assistant, who often do not need an education , administrators ,needing beyond a four year degree , and professional support services , aiding people with mental , physical disorders or career planning (Career Cluster Overview: Education and Training 1).Becoming a full time teacher requires at least a Bachelor’s Degree. “Requirements for certification vary by state. However, all states require at least a bachelor’s degree. They also require completing a teacher preparation program and supervised experience in teaching, typically gained through student teaching” (Kindergarten and Elementary School pg 60). A teachers salary can range depending on years of experience , location and education. Most teachers work toward Master’s Degree at some point in their career. Obtaining a Master 's almost guarantees them a pay increase of $11,000 (Career Cluster Overview:Education and Training 2). The area a school is

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