School Essay: Examples Of School Spirit In Schools

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Give me an “S!” Give me a “P!” Give me an “I!” Give me an “R!” Give me an “I!” Give me a “T!” What does that spell? SPIRIT! Loud screaming and cheering erupt from the bleachers. What is school spirit though? School spirit is an emotional feeling toward the school having pride in being part of the school, positive attitude students and teachers hold toward their school, and having ways to involve the rest of the student body. Even though school spirit is an emotional feeling of pride toward a school, it can be physically seen by the way students and teachers behave. Prime examples of the students that show the most spirit is cheerleaders. School spirit can be possessed by anyone, but school spirit is like faith, one either has it or not.
School Spirit is not an occasional act. School Spirit is not just cheering at pep rallies to get free stuff. School spirit is not just attending games. School spirit is not just at school. School spirit is not just wearing the school’s colors. School spirit is not showing disrespect toward teachers. School spirit is
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Because of the different ways people think of spirit, they express it differently. School spirit can be expressed with students demonstrating positivity through the school. School spirit is shown by supporting others before oneself. Some think school spirit is prancing around cheerfully. Others think as long as they participate in events put on by the school, they are showing school spirit. Others think by joining all the clubs and sports they possible can; they are showing school spirit. Some dress up in all kinds of school colors to show school spirit. Some students get rowdy to show school spirit. All of these ways are outward expressions of school spirit. School spirit is not a matter of doing all these things. School spirit is the strong, internal feeling of pride for the school. This pride can be seen by others all around because it radiates

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