School Environment Analysis Essay

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School Environment Analysis
Charlene N. Vance
Grand Canyon University: EDA-575
October 29, 2014

School Environment Analysis Identifying the needs of a school can be very perplexing and daunting for those in leadership. There can be a variety of issues and there must be a systematic approach to solving them. Churchman (1979) suggested that analysis of a system ought to determine whether influences on the system are environmental, systematic, or neither, for such influences are potential growth and survival factors. The leadership must assess each component and how they are to show growth and improvement in their school. At Spring Mountain Elementary School, there are a large number of issues that overwhelm the environment of
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Some of the students, who do not get the response they truly need, suffer from the tainted perception of staff about bullying. The children may be the students who the teacher adores and can never believe that they could do malicious acts of bullying. This is a conditioning within the adults that I believe creates the misconception of issues with bullying. The leaders and staff of a school should constantly take the time to evaluate their responses to bullying. Teacher relationships and interactions outside of the school environment hinder their perception. There are teachers at Spring Mountain Elementary School that interact with students outside of the school. They attend religious functions, performances, visit restaurants and community functions together. This creates an entirely different perception additionally for the children involved in any forms of bullying. In my opinion, if the outside interactions and relationships with families (although very helpful in other respects) cease, this could alleviate any other misconceptions of student interactions and potential bullying. As a new teacher, this issue can seem very intimidating because they may refer to a veteran in the building and get a misperception of a child. This can be

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