School Enviornmental Analyssis Essay

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School Environment Analysis Essay
Grand Canyon University: EDA 575
September 25, 2013

School Environment Analysis Essay Environmental /contextual factors refer to the characteristics of the learning environment that influences the effectiveness of instruction. They can be distributed into community factors, school and classroom environments and individual student characteristics (Harris, 2013). Such factors can have an effect in the teaching and learning process. After researching it is evident that these factors affect all schools in the country. Although every school is different due to their geographic, socioeconomic, ethnicity, schools and student characteristics, all school have the same factors that affect the
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I think that promoting activities that include the families is a good solution to the community factors we encounter. Administration is very aware of the factors that are raised by the fact that our school population has to travel a few miles to get to the functions and they are constantly looking at different avenues to promote student and parental involvement. Another factor is the socioeconomic factors that play a major role in the school’s environment (Wah, 2003). We are a Title 1 school, with low-income families 98% free or reduced lunch, 95% Hispanic population, 2% White, and 3% Afro-American. Many students do not have an adequate nutrition at home. There are many children that are abused, neglected and might move a lot because of housing. Students come to school hungry and tired because of situations at home. Some parents are not able to help their children at home with school work because of the language or level of their education. Most students do not have the resources at home to help them with school work or homework. Some of the solutions the school and district is working with are the free and reduced lunch. All students get free breakfast every day. They have a hot healthy meal at lunch. Students have opportunities to work at the computer labs for research. English classes are offered to parents for free. The school is always working with parents by communicating with them and getting feedback to see what the school can do to support

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