School Dropout Consequences

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Consequences of Dropping out of High School

School is required for those ages 4-17, once age 18 comes, they are free to choose if they keep going or drop out. There are many reasons that they make the choice to drop out and that can lead to many problems. They’ll make less money, it’s harder to find a job, lack things, more likely to be involved with crime, and the health outcomes are not so good.
The amount of money people make sort of shapes their life style. The have to figure out their budget for food, rent, extra things they want to do, if they have loans to pay off, and more. That is why many people want to go to college to get a good job that pays well and they will have more money. High school students who didn’t earn their diploma
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Well, high school dropouts are 63 times+ more likely to be involved with crime than a four-year college graduate. They are more than 6 times+ more likely than those with a high school diploma. (ref.) Often times when kids drop out, they don’t really care about anything anymore. They also may feel like no one cares about them. Since dropping out usually leads to exclusion, homelessness, drug addicts, prostitution, psychosocial problems, delinquency and crime may all take place. (ref.) Since they have limited to no money, they may see robbing places or stealing their only option. They may say ¨How can it get any worse?” and by that they mean, if they rob a bank, store or house and don’t get caught, they have things or more money and will be able to live a little better for awhile. If they do get caught, they will obviously be taken to jail where they will be in a dry cell, get fed three times a day, and will at least have some communication with other people instead of having to just talk to themselves all day. Many people would never want to be taken to jail for obvious reasons, but if you are homeless and do not get to eat or be in a sheltered place, jail may not seem so

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