High School Dropout Consequences

Consequences of Dropping out of High School

School is required for those ages 4-17, once age 18 comes, they are free to choose if they keep going or drop out. There are many reasons that they make the choice to drop out and that can lead to many problems. They’ll make less money, it’s harder to find a job, lack things, more likely to be involved with crime, and the health outcomes are not so good.
The amount of money people make sort of shapes their life style. The have to figure out their budget for food, rent, extra things they want to do, if they have loans to pay off, and more. That is why many people want to go to college to get a good job that pays well and they will have more money. High school students who didn’t earn their diploma
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It is also harder to get the benefits of the job. Such as health insurance, dental insurance and eye care. Many companies look for people they can count on and hard workers. When they drop out, that shows that they just gave up and can not be counted on to keep showing up to a job. When most students that dropout, if they find a job, it is usually underpaid with an unstable income. They could get fired at anytime if the boss found someone who is a superior worker. Their pay could also drop at anytime, but it is the only job they can get (because they don 't have their high school diploma) so they can’t afford to be unemployed at all. When employers find people that just need a job, they take advantage of them and will refer to them as a ¨cheap source of labor¨ (ref.) or may think ¨I can keep them until I find someone better or someone willing to work for even less¨. When people get treated like that and keep getting shut down for jobs, since they are high school dropouts, their motivation to keep trying just dies. They may also think there is no point to keeping trying to find a job when you are there for a few weeks then get fired because they found someone to replace you. They feel worthless and are hard on themselves. Instead of having that motivation to keep trying, it seems like they are doing all this work for nothing. They may not be able to afford getting their GHD to go to college and get a real, …show more content…
Most kids don’t want to go to school because of waking up earlier and homework. Kids also could be going through a hard time such as being neglected by their parents and they don’t care what they do/where they go so they get in with the wrong crowd and would rather be using drugs than sitting in school. When they drop out, eventually it could make them feel like a failure because they didn’t stick with it while everyone else did. They might experience lack of self-confidence while their friends are having fun on trips at school or with certain things and they don’t get to. Also, they might realize their future might not be as good while they are trying to apply to college or a job. On the other hand, going to high school teaches kids a lot. Of course they learn ¨school knowledge¨, but it’s the extra things they learn that matter the most. They don’t learn all the skills of working with or understanding others. Let’s say they were assigned a school project and there was one student that is very hard to work with, that will prepare them for the future when there are people like that at their place of work. There are many things in school that happen or kids experience that teach them common sense things. They learn to stand up for themselves, be who they want, how to handle certain situations, and so on. After (if) they drop out, they

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